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Pig Out on the Fly BBQ

- About us -

Our Owner's
The Owner's

 Left to Right: Diane, Kayla & Guy Ferry

 We at Pig Out on the Fly are a family owned and operated catering service that will be starting our 12th. season.  We have one simple goal, create incredible barbeque for our customers.

 By being on-site owners, we are better able to control the quality and consistency of our product to provide you with the best that we can give each and every time.

Our Team
Our Team
Front Row: Trey, Sheila, Wendy

Back Row: Diane, Kristen, Guy, Karissa, Kayla

  Bbq is a commitment, and our staff works tirelessly to insure each and every customer’s satisfaction; from the kitchen, to the wait staff, to the catering crew that delivers to you; each share in this common goal. This dedication, consistency of high quality and attention to detail are our promise and unwavering commitment to you – the customer.

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